Kokoro Ai


She felled in love with Jack Valentine but he just broke her heart. It isn´t really clear if they will try a new try. But she could never forget the pain she had. He accused her that she was unfaithful in their relationship. So he told it to all her friends, they made her ready and she lost her will to life for a long time.
But they all didn´t know that Ai wasn´t unfaithful...

It takes much years to forget the pain but Ai was strong enough to get her happyness back. Now she turned back in the lovely person that she was before the trouble she had. She seems so happy... but is she this really?

This is the story how Ai turned into a Scarloid.


Birthday: June 19, 1991
Weight: 52 kg
Height: 1.68m

Item: Playstation 2 Controller
Likes: Videogames, technology
Dislikes: Cold, lies
Favourite colors: Dark green and purple